About the platform

TrampOnline Platform is a project designed and managed by the UEG Trampoline Technical Committee. It is built upon the experience of several gymnasts, coaches and judges around the world and it is funded and supported by the UEG and FIG as a development project.
This platform aims to provide its users with an overview about diverse features about Trampoline Gymnastics and addressing different audiences, from very basic first approaches to this spectacular sport to top-level competition skills. In order to do so, within this site you will find information about coaching and judging, and also materials regarding safety and medical issues.
In a near future, some online education resources will be developed so you can test your knowledge process and challenge your learning evolution.

The current version of the TrampOnline Platform is the base that will be further developped and improved. All experts interested to co-operate and share their expertise and experience are warmly welcomed.