Horizontal displacement

In both disciplines, Trampoline Individual and Synchronised Trampoline, the Horizontal displacement (HD) is judged the same way. The maximum HD mark is 10 pts for the completed routine of 10 elements. If the routine is interrupted, the maximum HD mark is based on the number of elements completed before the interruption of the routine.

Horizontal displacement deduction 0.1-0.3 pts will apply for each element when any part of the body touches outside the outer line of a defined zone.
The evaluation of HD should be done electronically controlled by the Chair of Judges' Panel.

If an electronic scoring system is not available, two (2) execution judges (nos. 5 & 6) will be responsible of evaluating HD instead of execution. Their marks will be averaged and taken as the score for HD. (At FIG events, the HD judges will judge from video ensuring the camera will be positioned in order to view all zones.)
When the evaluation is done by judges:
1. For the elements performed to the feet, when any part of a foot lands in a zone (outside the outer line), the deduction related to this zone will be applied.
2. For the elements performed to front, back or seat (because a larger portion of the body touches the bed), the hip joint portion of the body touching the bed should be used to determine where the body lands.
For more detailed clarification see also the Drawings for HD (here).
Resource : FIG Code of Points 2017-2020 – Part II Guide to Judging – 2. Drawings (link).
Video explanation: link
Test yourself: link

Two rectangular areas must be marked out clearly in red lines. Each area must be symmetrically oriented to the middle of the bed. The width of the delimitation lines must be between 13 and 24 mm. The lines belong to the marked areas:
Area A (rectangle 215 * 108 cm): Length 215 +/- 4 cm, Width 108 +/- 4 cm.
The delimitation lines for area A shall not only define the rectangle area of 215 * 108 cm, but shall also be continued to the end of the bed (see figure).
Area B (quadratic 108 * 108 cm): Length 108 +/- 4 cm, Width 108 +/- 4 cm.
The center of the bed must be indicated by a red cross. Dimensions 70 cm +/- 3 cm
Resource : FIG Apparatus Norms 2017 (link) – TRA 1.



Great explanation video with very good view on the Trampoline bed and excellent chance to test yourself :

(credit to Andrew Aistrup, GBR)

The new « Horizontal Displacement » rules by FIG :


Please note: the example videos are based on the technical videos from 2016 European Championships and should demonstrate the principles of HD judging. Nevertheless the real position of the HD judges and/or the cameras should ensure the propper judging according the CoP 2017-2020. Please help us and share your experience with the positioning of HD judges and/or cameras with the UEG TRA-TC.

Video 1

Video 2