Safety is a very important issue for Trampoline Gymnastics. This must be the main concern of all the coaches and gymnasts.
One of the first things that a coach should teach to the gymnasts is the safety rules inside the gym.
They can start with the jewelery (bracelets, watches, earrings, etc...) that are dangerous and shouldn’t be allowed on training. Next step should be the clothing. Wearing “normal” shoes is strickly forbidden, however jumping in bare feet is not allowed on Trampoline and DMT too. For Trampoline gymnastic/trampoline shoes and socks are recommended. Loose clothing might add some risk to the training or make it more difficult.
On any of the apparatus, gymnasts should never train alone. The coach must be present and supervise training at all times.
When we talk about DMT or Trampoline, it is completely forbidden to walk underneath the apparatus. The gym / apparatus and the training should be organized according to the level of the gymnasts. And level of the gymnast means, physical ability plus technical ability.
The warm-up is also very important. All training sessions must start with a general warm-up, where gymnasts prepare the systems in their bodies (not only the muscles but also the cardiovascular and pulmonar systems) for the action.
After that, they can do some specific warm-up, related with their discipline. Here they can work on the physical side, doing exercises specificaly for those muscle groups that are more requested or they work on coordination also.
Finally, gymnasts are ready to enjoy our beautiful sport.