Introduction Judges

To determine the winners of trampoline, synchronized trampoline, double mini trampoline and tumbling gymnastics during official competitions there a whole lot of rules, all described in the Code of Points (CoP) of trampoline gymnastics.  In this part we would like to give you a short introduction of the most important part of this scoring system. What is important and increases your chances to win a competition?
First, in all of the three disciplines, the biggest part of the score is made by the judges for execution. These judges will look for perfect executed skills. Every single skill is judged separately and should be high, has a good body position (tucked, piked or straight), a big amplitude and a clear ending phase.
The second part of the score depends on the amount of somersaults and twists. Every single skill has a different difficulty value and the value of all the skills from the routine will be added together at the end of the routine.

Because the trampoline gymnastics disciplines are performed on different apparatus, there are different rules for all of them.


In the trampoline discipline a routine is made of ten different skills.
In an individual competition all the skills should be performed in the centre of the trampoline bed. Are you able to hit the red cross in the centre ten times in a row, your score for horizontal displacement (HD) will be the perfect 10  ! Every time you are travelling over the bed your score decreases. In this discipline the height is also an important factor. The more time the athlete is in the air, the higher the Time of Flight (ToF) score will be. Both HD and ToF are measured electronically.
Total score for the individual routine = Execution (max. 20 pts) + HD (max. 10 pts) + Difficulty + ToF - Penalty.

In synchronized trampoline two athletes should perform the same skill at the same time and the landing is supposed to be in exact the same moment. Differences in the landing moment are measured electronically and the result of this measurements determine the score for synchronization.
Total score for the synchronized routine = Execution (max. 10 pts) + HD (max. 10 pts) + Synchronisation (max. 20 pts) + Difficulty - Penalty.


A double mini trampoline pass is made of two skills only, one skill on the apparatus and one dismount to the landing platform. Besides a good execution score a perfect landing will help you to win a medal for sure, because landing deductions are having a big influence on the execution score!
Total score for the pass = Execution (max. 30 pts) + Difficulty - Penalty.


Tumblers perform their pass of eight skills on a tumbling track and in the opposite to trampoline, they should travel to the landing platform, where they must land their last skill of the routine. The athlete should stay on the white line in the middle of the track, traveling to the side of the track will result in a lower score. In tumbling gymnastics the rhythm of the routine is very important as well, the routine should be performed fluently without breaks.
Total score for the pass = Execution (max. 30 pts) + Difficulty - Penalty.

If you are interested in all the rules, just click on the link of the FIG Code of Points (here) and find out for yourself!