Execution is a key aspect within Trampoline Gymnastics, as a well-executed routine or pass is nice to the audience and is safe for the gymnasts. Consequently, the CoP devotes a detailed attention to describing the right way to perform skills, and judges are instructed to follow these guidelines when observing gymnasts.
The E score accounts from an important part of the final score, ranging from 35%-45% of the total score of an individual trampoline routine to more than 70% of a pass in either Tumbling or DMT.
All gymnasts start their routines with 10 points in their E score. Every single skill will be evaluated in a range from 0 to 5 tenths of deduction by every E judge. So, a zero deduction means that judges considered that this skill was perfectly executed. However, the worst execution in any given skill will end up with a maximum deduction of 0.5 points.
Judges take their deductions for the 10 skills in trampoline, 8 in tumbling and 2 in DMT, plus their landing deductions, leading to their punctuation for the routine or pass.
In each of the following subareas of the platform, you will find basic information about execution in each apparatus and a full set of videos in order to practice your judging and to understand the way rules are applied by execution judges.