This area of TrampOnline Platform is devoted to the discussion about health and medical issues in regard to the practice of Trampoline Gymnastics.
The UEG Trampoline Technical Committee has promoted the interest in these core aspects to understand the benefits and risks of Trampoline and Tumbling for different age groups and development levels. In order to do so, a Medical Meeting is organized during the European Championships as a forum where experts from medical and other scientific areas can discuss the way to bring together the theoretical and practical implications of research to the daily practice of a sport like Trampoline Gymnastics.
In this are you will find some resources to get a first idea about which the relation between Trampoline Gymnastics, health, science and safety.
Useful links: FIG Medical Rules


Dr Chris Tomlinson, Emergency Care at Major Gymnastics Competitions (2016 Trampoline Gymnastics European Championships Medical meeting)
Julie Perreten, How to prevent back injuries in Trampoline (2017 UEG Trampoline Gymnastics Training Camp Workshop)